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Obtaining a Green Card:

U.S. Permanent Resident Cards, also referred to as “Green Cards,” grant a foreign national the permission to permanently reside and work in the U.S. As a lawful permanent resident, you can remain legally within the country for a much greater period of time than on a temporary visa. The process of obtaining a green card can be very complicated and the interview steps, documentation gathering, and processing can be a challenging process to face on your own.

An immigration attorney at our firm can assist you to help you avoid costly errors that could potentially result in delays or denials. Contact an Oregon Immigration Attorney today at 503-951-8209 to protect your future. 

Employment Based and Family Based Permanent Residency:

Green cards are available for either those with employment based eligibility, or family based eligibility based on a relationship with a family member. The Law Office of Elliot M.S. Yi is here to help you with matters that fall into either of these two categories, including the following:


Employment Based:

EB1 – First Preference Employment Based Immigration (Extraordinary Ability/Outstanding Professor)
EB2 – Second Preference Employment Based Immigration (Advanced Degree/Exceptional Ability)
EB3 – Third Preference Employment Based Immigration (Skilled/Unskilled Workers)
EB4 – Fourth Preference Employment Based Immigration (Special Immigrant)
EB5 – Fifth Preference Employment Based Immigration (Immigrant Investor Program)

Family Based:

Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens (Spouses of U.S. Citizens, Children of U.S. Citizens, Parents of U.S. Citizens)
FB1 – First Preference Family Based Immigration (Unmarried Sons and Daughters of US Citizens)
FB2 – Second Preference Family Based Immigration (Spouses/Children/Unmarried Sons & Daughters of Permanent Residents)
FB3 – Third Preference Family Based Immigration (Married Sons and Daughters of US Citizens)
FB4 – Fourth Preference Family Based Immigration (Siblings of US Citizens)

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