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Elliot was amazing! He is very open and honest about your case and walks you through every possible scenario and outcome. He had constant communication with us throughout the entire process and was never too busy to take a call or hear your concerns. Elliot made the entire immigration process as stress free and easy as possible. He kept us on track with what we needed and was extremely organized with our case. I would not go to anyone else! Take the time to stop by and have an initial consultation, you will not regret it!

~Ashley V., May 2018



Elliot has seamlessly guided my family and I through some of our hardest times for the past five years with his professionalism and expertise in different fields of law. After many years of dealing with some of the worst attorneys in Oregon (lot of them will just take your money and won't even answer your emails for weeks), we are so grateful to finally have found Mr. Yi to represent us in these crucial moments.

~Sil W., May 2018



Elliot is dependable, courteous, and professional. He was a great adviser to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of being reunited seemed impossible. Not only was Elliot able to help me get approved for a re-entry permit, his calm and empathetic demeanor gave me much needed support as I went through the process. Elliot did a great job keeping me updated and communicating with me every step of the way.

~Terri W., April 2018 



Elliot M.S Yi Is our go to guy for any immigration help

Elliot was very easy to work with and made getting my wife and daughters green cards very smooth he knew all the steps and knew what the interviews were going to be like when we had questions he was available and was very comforting to work within this nervous time for us.

Fue muy fácil trabajar con Elliot e hizo que las tarjetas de residencia de mi esposa e hijas fueran muy sencillas. Conocía todos los pasos y sabía cómo serían las entrevistas cuando teníamos preguntas de por qué estaba disponible y fue muy reconfortante trabajar en este momento de nervios. para nosotros.

~James, March 27, 2018



dependable, courteous, and professional

He was a great adviser to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of being reunited seemed impossible. Not only was Elliot able to help me get approved for a re-entry permit, his calm and empathetic demeanor gave me much needed support as I went through the process. Elliot did a great job keeping me updated and communicating with me every step of the way.

~anonymous, March 8, 2018



Incredibly helpful! I don't know how we would have gone through the immigration process without him. He was incredibly professional through the whole process and the rate was very reasonable for the help that he provided.

~Emil S., November 2017



Excellent attorney

Elliot is a wonderful person. I have worked with several attorneys throughout the years, Elliot is by far the most reliable, loyal, "on the case" with your best interest in mind. Very cordial, thorough, knowledgable, hears you and remembers all details provided. I highly recommend Elliot's services, he exceeds one's expectations and makes the process so much easier.

~Gabriela, October 4, 2017



Best Immigration Lawyer

I contacted Elliot Yi from this website. A few years ago, then again last year for my immigration case. Elliot is more than knowledgable and takes his work seriously. He would always, always reply to my emails very quickly (within 24 hours if not sooner AND I had a lot of questions as you know when going through the immigration process). 

I would recommend, him to anyone who's going through immigration and need some assistance on any level of the process. He held my hand from the beginning to the end and I could not be any more satisfied.

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer and you don't have a lot of money at your disposal then call him. He is, simply put the very best lawyer I've ever met.

Thank you Elliot!

~anonymous, January 20, 2017



Navigating US immigration law is a daunting process, but Elliot made the process incredibly smooth.

We first met with Elliot in late January of 2016. With a major complication, my wife who is from China, and I filed the necessary applications with the expert help of Elliot on April 30th. We were called in by USCIS on July 21st and a "green card" was approved that day. This never would have happened without the expertise of Elliot. He is an immigration superstar!

~James, July 30, 2016



Thank Very Much for your amazing Help!

Very knowledgeable about the immigration process for my wife from my country Iran and I really appreciate for your hard working and your help to us to joint together here in the US. again.

~Farhad, July 28, 2016



Glad and grateful!

Very knowledgeable about the immigration process relating to the green card by marriage. Personable, friendly, thoughtful and good humored in our interactions. Took the time to meet with us when requested. Was meticulous in all the paperwork regarding our case. We will definitely be reaching out to him as necessary in the future. We wholeheartedly recommend him, based on our experience. Thank you, Elliot!

~MC, June 5, 2016



Fast, Efficient, and Insightful

Mr. Yi has helped me and my family in purchasing property. He was straightforward and I learned a lot from the plethora of knowledge he has in field.

Not only did the sale go through smoothly, but Mr. Yi went over everything we were concerned about and then some that we did not know about.

We wont' have to spend time calling or going over these kind of reviews since Mr. Yi is someone we can trust and know that he is thorough and a subject matter expert.

~Andy, April 22, 2016



Elliot Yi Thank you for you amazing Help!

Im glad to say that i had a wonderful experience with elliot excellent attorney overall amazing very knowledgable and that made me feel very comfortable with my case and always kept me up to date immediately and always went out of his way to make sure everything was done well I really do recommend him.

~A Client, March 15, 2016



Elliot Yi was our choice of attorneys after checking around the area. He was very understanding and helpful with all of our process. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Yi. He is very professional and knows the system.

~Don, October 20, 2015



Great experience working with Elliot Yi

We don't usually write reviews of this nature, but after working with Elliot, we feel compelled to let folks know what a pleasure it was to work with him. Elliot was amazingly knowledgeable, helpful, and generous. He went above and beyond what we would consider normal client service, going out of his way especially when we had a death in the family. He was professional throughout, offered great advice and knowledge to help us meet our goals. Thanks again for all your help, Elliot.

~Yuwadee, September 21, 2015



Very satisfied with his work on immigration status! Great lawyer, he is very flexible with appointments. What we really liked about Elliot is that he's there with you step by step, guiding you threw the prosses. 
I would highly recommend his service 100%.

Estamos muy satifecho con el trabajo de este abogado de inmigracion. Es muy flexible con las citas. Lo que nos gusto mas de su servicio es que el nos fue guiando paso a paso en el proseso. Cual quiere pregunta o duda el estava ahi para ayudar nos. Yo lo recomendaria a Elliot al 100%.

~Elizabeth, September 15, 2015




Elliot helped me with I 131 ( for re entry to the U.S.) before I had to leave the country for humanitarian purpose. He did a great job communicating with me, answered all my questions, paid attention to details, and he did everything to help me get approved for I 131. To keep it short, my case was complicated and unusual but Elliot did a lot of research on his own and gave me some great advice. I'd recommend Elliot to anyone that's looking for a dependable, considerate attorney that will get the job done!

~Terri, August 5, 2015



Outstanding service

My wife and I talked with several different Lawyers about our immigration requirements and problems. Elliot was by far the best choice for us, he was completely professional, always contactable (which is really important), very quick and meticulous in the processing of your case and very competitive in price. He even set up a payment plan for us to pay off over a period of time. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and my wife and I would unreservedly recommend this man to represent your legal requirements.

~Steve and Heather, October 13, 2014



Highly recommend Elliot Yi as an Immigration Attorney

My fiancee and I hired Elliot Yi to represent us in the legal matter in connection with a Fiancee Visa application 14 months ago. Today we received an email stating the released document relating to our Visa application was being sent via the courier to my fiancee in his country. He will leave in eight weeks to join me in the U.S. We will have a December wedding.

Our conversations have been via phone, emails and postal mail, and yet it seems we have met personally, as Elliot is so personable and yet very professional.

He has an extremely reasonable flat rate fee and works with us at any time we have questions and responds in an exceptional and unique manner. I have received emails answering my questions late at night and on weekends. I love that he personally answers each phone call I have made with a friendly “Hello Maya”.

Elliot's sensitivity to our complex situation was compassionate, kind and thoughtful.

His instructions were thorough and meticulous along with his patience, which surpassed my expectations and calmed my many frustrations as I was filling out the detailed forms that had to be completed, copied, signed, mailed and sometimes, seemingly, repeated.

We cannot recommend Elliot Yi highly enough as an Immigration Attorney. He knows what he is doing and always gave us the assurance during these many months that we could get through the “hoops” of the tedious but necessary forms.

We are looking forward to working with Elliot through our many months ahead to complete my fiancee's immigration process.

~Maya, October 8, 2014



The Best Lawyer 

I think he is the best lawyer because he spent a lot of time to prepare visa documents for me.

Thank you for your efforts and times.

~Jungsu, October 7, 2014



Highly recommend Attorney Elliot M.S Yi

Highly knowledgeable professional, very detailed oriented, honest,and extremely polite. He help my sister, a friend and me to get approved for DACA and now successfully a advance parol to travel. I highly recommend Attorney Elliot M.S Yi, He is the best!! I can't thank him enough.

~Claudia, October 6, 2014



I ENDORSE THIS LAWYER, mr Elliot is very good at his job, he understands his clients,he is trust worthy, and is very knowledgeable with immigration laws at its maximum. in the time I was working with mr Elliot he would always give precise feedback to all my concerns, also always kept me updated. in other words he knows what he's doing! I highly recommended mr Yi.

~ANTONY, June 19, 2014



My situation was just more than a normal immigration case, quite a few immigration attorneys had turned me down, because of its complexity, others demanded 10 figure $$! When I went to Elliot, he didn't waste no time, was able to ask me the right questions, I provided all the answers, before I knew it attorney Yi was on the case! His attorney fees are very reasonable, compared to what I was being quoted out there! Elliot is no by any means an average immigration attorney, he is a pure "judicial scholar" was able to quickly learn from my unique case where others (attorneys ) had failed to help me! We won the case convincingly! I highly recommend attorney Elliot Yi.

~David, May 14, 2014



We loved working with Elliot 

Elliot is just so professional, he is extremely detailed oriented, he handled all of our documents with surgical care, I just can't tell you enough how easy he made things for us. We are a bi-national gay couple, we hired Elliot to help apply for an adjustment of status. He was by our side through every step, made sure we understood everything. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, look no further, you just found a GREAT one.

~Pablo, May 10, 2014



The BEST Lawyer

The BEST lawyer in Portland. I was on F-1 student visa and I worked with Mr. Elliot on filing for my permanent residency through marriage. The whole process was very quick and fast because of his professional and organized work with filing my papers. There was no problem at all. He's a great lawyer and very hard working. Through the whole process he always kept me updated it with my case. I highly recommend this lawyer to work with. He's overall process is very excellent.

~Hesham, May 8, 2014



K-1 VISA Vietnam to Oregon

Elliot is prompt, professional, courteous and informed. An immigration attorney wasn't required for our case, but I'm very thankful for the resources, security and peace of mind he offered throughout our process at an honest flat fee.

~Anthony, February 21, 2014



A lawyer from heaven

I am a refugee from Syria. I came to the US without money and connections. I had many immigration questions that no lawyer wanted to answer them without me having to schedule an appointment for a fee or promise to hire him/her. I made tens of calls to immigration lawyers in the Portland area trying to get information and answers, and all of them didn't want to talk about it over the phone. Except one, and that is attorney Elliot Yi. He didn't just answer all my questions no matter how many times I called him, he even took my case free of charge. He represented me and helped me win my case all the way until I got my green card. During the process I didn't have to call him for updates, because he kept in constant touch with me assuring me that he is on top of everything and the fact that he is not getting paid for maybe one of the toughest immigration case, doesn't mean he is not going to give it his full attention and the best of his effort. I have never met any other lawyer in my life who is so professional, knowledgeable, honest and responsible as much as attorney Elliot Yi.

~Julian, January 27, 2014



Best attorney we have ever worked with.

Elliot Yi, had help my husband get his 10 years green card, about 3 month after we visited his office and completed the application under Elliot's consultation and advice. Elliott is very knowledgeable, an expertise at what he does. He's also very reassurance and attentive to our's concerns, which can be rare with attorney now a day. are very grateful to Elliott Yi. You are the best among the best!!! You come highly recommended from us. Thank you very much for all your help Elliot.

~Michelle, January 11, 2014




Attorney Yi handled my case like a pro from beginning to end. He made a plan and we followed it step by step and it worked great. The results were absolutely perfect and I got everything I was looking for. He has a high degree of professionalism. He had a great rapport with all the people we had to deal with and was an excellent representation for me and we got everything I needed even quicker than I had expected. It was very smooth and quick results. His fees were very reasonable and he did a lot of work and I am very grateful for all of his effort. He is very relate-able and easy to get along with in person as fellow music lovers. We had a great common ground and I would highly recommend Attorney Yi to all my friends.

~Dan, December 18, 2013



Awesome lawyer!

Elliot is a highly skilled and bright attorney. I would recommend him to anyone with immigration issues. 
Based on my experience, he is the best attorney I've ever hired. Highly recommend!! 

~Leo C., August 16, 2013



Landlord/Tenant related Legal council, done perfectly!

I went to Elliot M.S. Yi based on a recommendation from a friend and was not disappointed. Being a first time landlord, a situation arose to seek legal council with a dispute over a security deposit. I have not had much interaction with lawyers before, but my mind was put at ease very quickly with how informed Elliot was with my situation before he even billed a single hour or had our first meeting. Everything was explained very intelligently, but in understandable terms and I never felt "out of the loop" with the status of the case. communication was excellent throughout our interaction, and no requests I had were met with annoyance or hesitance.

Although Landlord/Tenant law was not a specialty of Elliot's, I truly believe he went out of his way to make us feel like we were having our case handled as well as anybody well versed in this specialty. The case had a large amount of variables concerning the wording of our lease agreement, as well as specific laws that applied to them, and our tenants rights to the deposit. It was handled amazingly, and I felt very secure in the outcome as well as any ongoing issues with our tenants relating to the deposit until the closure of the case.

He was very flexible with meetings and times, and worked great around my schedule. Even bringing in my children to his office was met with hospitality at all times. I would most definitely recommend Elliot to anybody needing any type of legal council, and would call him again in a second. Thanks again!

~Michael J., June 21, 2013



DACA application

Thanks Elliot for help me with my DACA application,i ask for help to a lot of lawyers in portland they saw my case as a bussines,Elliot really care about my case,he explain everything so clear,he is so profesional,thanks again Elliot, you help me to feel hope.

~JESUS, December 2, 2012

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