Do I consent to a recorded statement to the Insurance Adjuster?

You have just gotten into an auto accident, you feel disoriented, in pain, and frustrated. The insurance adjuster from the other driver’s company calls you asking for a recorded statement. Do you give one to them? This is where you must be very careful. Adjusters are trained to contact you early on in a car accident for a number of reasons. First, they are hoping to obtain an admission of fault from you so as to limit their own liability on a potential claim. Second, they realize often times in your disoriented state, you are not immediately aware of all the injuries sustained. Often times, some injuries can surface after a few days or even weeks go by. The adjuster is hoping to use statements you make against you later to minimize your claim’s worth in settlement negotiations or later at trial. The adjuster may state that you must give a recorded statement in order to process the claim but it is important to remember the at-fault driver’s insurance company is not your own insurance company. They will later be responsible for damages including to your vehicle, but you are under no obligation to consent to a recorded statement should you choose not to. For further questions feel free to contact our Auto Accident Lawyer today at (866) 691-9894 and set up a FREE Initial Consultation.