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What Questions are asked at the Marriage-Based Interview?

So you filed the application, received the receipt notices, and after months of waiting, finally received the interview notice for your marriage based interview. You may be wondering what to expect and specifically what kind of questions will be asked. Our Immigration Lawyer can help guide you through the process and even attend the interview with you.

The questions the interviewer will ask are the same questions you answered on the initial adjustment of the status application you submitted. You will need to be prepared to update any information such as a new address or new employment. Also, if you and your spouse recently had a child you would bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate as well. The interviewer also has the discretion to ask about your relationship, sometimes asking for intimate details as well. They generally may ask about how you first met and how your relationship progressed.

The officer will also want to know about the proposal, what the wedding was like, who was at the wedding, and if you and your spouse have met your respective family and friends.   They can also ask about your daily life and details that only a close married couple would know. Often times, these interviews are friendly and cordial. However, sometimes, an officer may elect to interview you and your spouse separately and later compare your responses.

If you and your loved one are in a genuine marital relationship and know about each other’s daily lives, you should have a good experience at the interview and be able to prove the validity of your marriage to an officer. Our immigration lawyer has attended hundreds of marital based interviews and helped spouses successfully obtain their U.S. permanent resident “green card” status. If you have any additional questions related to this process contact us today or call us at (866)691-9894.