How do I bring my Fiancee to the U.S.? | Immigration Law Group, LLC


Prepare the Initial Petition including supporting documents  

You, the U.S. citizen fiancee, and your loved one have made the important decision to get married in the U.S. The K-1 fiancee visa process is the appropriate route if your fiancee is currently living abroad.   You will first need to file the initial petition with USCIS and obtain approval before the case can transfer to the Consulate in the country your fiancee resides. If you and your fiancee have previously been married, you will both need to get certified divorce decrees. It is also important to prove you have met your fiancee within the past 2 years. Such proof can be shown by providing a travel itinerary, hotel receipts, photos together, etc. In addition, you and your fiancee must provide signed affidavits promising to marry within 30 days of your fiancee’s entry into the U.S. There are various other documents and forms which must be provided depending on your individual circumstances.   Once you file the initial petition to USCIS, you and your loved one must be prepared for a wait of about 5-7 months to obtain a final decision on the initial application.

Process the K-1 visa through the respective U.S. Embassy/Consulate

After the initial petition has been approved, the U.S. Embassy will contact you with further instructions to provide the financial sponsorship form, application online, and various other documents prior to the interview. Your fiancee will also be required to attend a medical examination with a designated physician. Once submitted and reviewed by the U.S. Embassy, your fiancee will be scheduled for their K-1 visa interview.

Attend the K-1 Visa Interview at the Consulate

Your fiancee will then attend their interview at the respective U.S. Consulate abroad. This process can be intimidating but we can help prepare your fiancee ensuring they have all the required documents with them the day off as well as know what type of questions to expect.   The interviewing officer will ask specific questions related to you and your fiancee in order to determine the validity of your romantic relationship.   If all goes well, your fiancee will be given a K-1 visa in her passport and she will finally be able to reunite with you and marry you in the U.S.!

Marry and apply for Green Card in the U.S.

After marrying your fiancee, you are now eligible to file a green card application in the U.S. to adjust status to a lawful permanent resident. For information on the process of applying for a marriage-based green card while in the U.S. please see our Marriage-Based Green Cards Section. Contact our Portland Immigration Lawyer to schedule your consultation today!