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If you have been a victim of a violent crime such as domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking of aliens, you may be eligible to apply for a U Visa and be protected under our U.S. immigration laws.   Our firm is committed to helping any person of any status who has been a victim of these crimes and securing their legal status so they can feel safe in this country. In order to qualify, the crime must be listed on the list of qualifying crimes or must be substantially similar to those crimes or be an attempted crime.

You must also have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of having been a victim of the qualifying crime. You must also have information on the crime and be helpful or will be helpful to law enforcement in their investigation or prosecution of the crime. The crime must have occurred in the U.S. or must have violated U.S. laws in order for you to qualify.

The first step is to contact our firm to see if the crime qualifies, then set up a free initial consultation with our Portland Immigration Lawyer. We can assess and analyze your case to determine if you are eligible, then we will request a U-certification from the appropriate law enforcement agency so we can help you to apply for your U Visa. The wait time is substantial as these special visas are limited to 10,000 each year. However, once the cap is reached and USCIS creates a waiting list and you are granted deferred action or parole, you will be eligible for work authorization while awaiting your U visa. Once you are granted U nonimmigrant status, it will last for four years, and three years from the date you were granted U status you can then apply for permanent resident green card status. Contact us today or call (866)691-9894.