Non-Immigrant Visas | Immigration Law Group, LLC

Categories of Non-Immigrant Visas:

In general, nonimmigrant visas can be divided into two broad categories. The first category is based upon an individual’s employment. The second category does not depend upon your work-related status. Our firm is devoted to helping you with obtaining the following:

Nonimmigrant Visas Based on Employment:

H-1b – Specialty (Professional) Occupation
H-2b – Temporary Worker
L-1a – International Company Executive/Manager Transferee
L-1b – International Company Specialized Knowledge Transferee
TN Visa/Status – Mexican and Canadian Listed Professionals
E-1 – Treaty Trader and Essential Worker of Treaty Trader
E-2 – Treaty Investor and Essential Worker of Treaty Investor
R-1 – Religious Worker
B-1 – Temporary Business Visitor

Nonimmigrant Visas Not Based on Employment:

B-2 – Temporary Visitor
F-1 – Student
M-1 – Vocational Student
K-1 – Fiance of U.S. Citizen
J-1 – Exchange Visitor
VWP – Visa Waiver Program

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