What is my Personal Injury Claim worth? 

Our firm is committed to setting realistic expectations for clients when helping them to understand the possible value of their claims. There are many factors that can affect the value of your auto accident claim.

How the Insurance Company determines your Claim’s Value:

What is my Personal Injury Claim worth? An insurance company will consider the severity of your injuries and also the accident scene based on the amount of damage to the vehicles. After a car accident causes you injuries, your insurance coverage allows for personal injury protection (or PIP) which covers your lost wages and payment of medical bills.

The type of treatment you select can have an impact on the value of your claim as well. When your claim involves injuries that require extensive medical treatment from traditional medicine such as visits to the medical doctor and physical therapy, or potential surgeries, the value of your claim tends to be worth more than that of non-traditional medicine such as seeing a chiropractor or acupuncture to deal with pain.

If you had to take an extended period of work off, the claim tends to be worth more due to lost wages as a result of the injuries.

Finally, more injuries and the severity of the injuries especially future impact will increase the value of a claim.

These factors are not an exhaustive list and every personal injury claim is unique based on the individual, their age, health, occupation, and circumstances surrounding the accident.  Contact our firm for a FREE Initial Consultation by calling (866) 691-9894.